Kamika King

I started InspiredBeauty three years ago after struggling to find products that worked for my fine, tightly coiled, and breakage prone hair. I was frustrated that the products I had purchased never did what they said and only included trace amounts of the beneficial ingredients – rendering the benefits ineffective on my hair. Nearly 10 years ago I chose to begin wearing my hair in its natural state after numerous salon relaxer mishaps. On one occasion all of my hair fell out in the shampoo bowl after an old dye job reacted to a new relaxer. The last straw was when on a later occasion with a different stylist and different salon my relaxer wasn’t completely neutralized. This later caused me to suffer scalp burns and alopecia in the affected area. On a quest to grow my hair back and to establish hair health, I began mixing organic ingredients that would restore my hair. InspiredBeauty is the fruition of that quest.

At InspiredBeauty we believe in using high quality natural organic ingredients and a lot of them! We want our customers to feel confident that the ingredients we say are in our products are in quantities that are effective and not there for show. Our recipes are simple with a lot of the good stuff in them.

We appreciate your business!

Kamika J. King
Owner, InspiredBeauty

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